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Dr. Clark & Katy Were Wonderful!

Dr. Clark and Katy were wonderful - kind, passionate and work well together. Love them!

Dr. Hansen & Estela Are The Best!

Dr. Hansen and Estela were very professional and took great care of me during my first crown. Thank you so much!

Thank You!

Jessica was extremely polite and professional. She explained things to me and was helpful in getting me through a procedure that is always hard to endure.

Very Pleased With My Experience!

I am very pleased with the professional services provided by: #! - Alisha on providing excellent scheduling service to accommodate me in getting all my work done, because of my cancer treatments and my busy schedule, much appreciated. #2- Dr. Tokos was excellent, explained all procedures, very professional and nice it was awesome. #3- The Dental Assistant, Kobi- Very kind, considerate and friendly. I appreciate this kindness during my visit.

Talent Times 2!

Lisa did an amazing job cleaning my teeth. Dr. Heringer was his usual professional self. Talent x2! Thank you.

Great Experience!

Michelle was my Hygienist. She was very nice, very thoughtful and caring. I will definitely see her again. She did such a great job!!!

Tracy is the Best!

Tracy was extremely friendly and kind from the moment I met her. It was the most thorough cleaning I have ever had and my teeth feel amazing. Thank you!

Best Dental Office in Billings!

This is the best dental office in Billings! Dr. Honaker is a great dentist, thank you!

Very Grateful!

Very grateful for your most exemplary services! I am impressed, you have a fan here. So happy to be your patient, thank you for being so nice!

Dr. Clark and Katy are so Compassionate!

Dr. Clark and Katy are very compassionate! I thank you for your expertise. All of my experiences this year and in the past were very positive. God bless you all.

What a Great Experience!

I came in a nervous wreck! Lacey, my Hygienist, was amazing with being patient with me and making me feel calm. She was also amazing with informing me of what she was doing and why. Dr. Draayer was also amazing. Very kind and I even got the pleasure of seeing my daughter Jessica in her work space. Everyone here is amazing!

Very Accommadating!

I was very happy that they could fit me in on short notice and also fill it right away before another appt. with my medical Dr. I flew in at 9:30 and had to leave by 5. Great experience!

Thank You, Everyone!

Easy fit- Shot did not hurt. Katy was pleasant and knowledgeable. Dr. Low was professional and pleasant. Having a payment plan is so helpful. Mandy was very professional and polite. Thank you, everyone!

Very Cooperative and Kind!

Very positive, professional, kind, and cooperative teamwork from everyone I encountered!

Very Helpful & Accommodating!

Clean - Very helpful and accommodating. Best Dental Hygienist, Lacey!

Staff is Nice!

Doctor made me feel comfortable and made the process easy. All the staff is nice here at Brewer Dental.

Dr. Clark Is Amazing!

Dr. Clark is awesome! I have always been afraid of the dentist and he always puts me right at ease. Katy was so sweet and tried to make me as comfortable as possible during my x-rays.

You Did An Amazing Job!

You all did an amazing job helping my mother. She had an abscess tooth and was in so much pain and was taken back right away and you all were so caring. Katy is amazing!

Heringer, Tokos & Katy Were Extremely Professional!

Heringer, Tokos & Katy were extremely professional and made me feel at ease while getting my tooth extracted. I'm very impressed and happy with the care I received.

Excellent Service!

Excellent Service! Dani and Dr. Low are wonderful!

It was a great experience!

It was great; both the assistant and Dr. Ross. He explained everything he was going to do. Also, his assistant was great. She also explained and comforted me with my pain. I would come and see them again!

Great Service!

Great service and explained everything with understanding and care.

Dr. Ross & Estela Were Very Kind!

Dr. Ross & Estela were very kind and gentle and made me relax. They were very well together. Thank you guys.

I Love all of the Staff!

I loved all of the staff at Brewer Dental. They took my pain and offered the best option and did all they could to help me. Thank you!

Dr. Ross Was Amazing!

Dr. Ross was amazing, very professional and friendly. Tara was so welcoming and friendly when I came in; even helped me with my jacket. I'll definitely be coming back!

So Helpful & Polite!

So helpful and polite dentist. Always does a good job with my young children Nevaeh, Kinsley and Jackson.

Excellent Care!

Excellent Care! Everyone was very joyful and caring, thank you.

Very Personable and Very Caring

I wish they ere around when I was growing up I would have went more. Very personable and very caring. Dr. Clark and Katy are the best, love them!

Dr. Ross and Estela Were Absolutely Calming.

Dr. Ross & Estela were absolutely calming and extremely nice. Thank you so much!

Everything Was Great!

Everything was great. I understood every step of the procedure today.

Excellent and Felt Right at Home!

Excellent and I felt right at home. They were also easy to deal with. Thank you.

Very Grateful!

Very grateful for your most exemplary services! I am impressed, you have a fan here. So happy to be your patient, thanks for being so nice!

Staff Was Professional!

Staff was professional and very courteous!

Everyone Was Great!

Everyone was great from the moment I walked in -- I felt totally comfortable. Thank you!

Lindsay Was Awesome!

Lindsay was awesome. Please keep her always. I am only going to her from now on. She is a keeper!

Debbie Was Amazing.

Debbie was amazing, super personable and a joy to be around.

Very Professional!

Michelle is amazing and does a thorough job. Very professional!

Best Cleaning I've Ever Had!

Helpful, friendly and caring! Best cleaning I've every Had. Thank you Dr. Holloway, Michelle, and Kaitlyn!

Thank You For Being So Kind!

Everyone: My dentist Dr. Draayer, Alex (his assistant) and all the receptionists are absolutely wonderful! Thank you for being so kind and having my dental visit be an enjoyable experience! I will be back soon for more work.

The Entire Staff is Friendly!

The entire staff is friendly, helpful and most of all professional. From the time you call to make the appointment to the check out after the visit. Brewer Dental Center Rocks!

/ Billings,
Made Me Feel Comfortable in an Uncomfortable Situation.

Made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Dani was super comforting - Both her and the doctor were excellent!

Very Nice & Very Helpful

They are very nice and very helpful. They made me feel comfortable and made sure I was not in any pain. I love the way they make sure things are done right before you leave.

/ Billings, MT
Brewer Dental Keeps You Informed!

I appreciate the way Brewer Dental keeps you well informed about what they are doing and don't try to "nickle and dime." Thank you!

We Appreciate The Friendly Staff!

We appreciate the friendly staff and quick appointments. Every employee from the front door to the exam room is professional. Thank you!

/ Billings, MT
Everything Was Excellent!

Everything was excellent -- the dental work and the people. Thank you!

/ Billings, MT
Dani Was Fantastic!

Everyone was great. Dani was fantastic, Hiedi was very sweet and Dr. Ross was very informative and very gentle pulling my teeth. I will recommend to all of my friends. Thank you!

/ Billings, MT
Ya'll Have A New Patient!

Dental Assistant Maria was an excellent assistant - Very knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Low was also great. Ya'll have a new patient!

/ Billings, MT
Felt Very Comfortable!

I'm new to Brewer Dental, and I felt very comfortable. Amanda was exceptional. She loves her work, and Dr. Low was very quick and gentle. It'll be my dentist forever!

/ Billings, MT
I Love Dani, Hiedi, Dr. Ross and Katy, too!

I love Dani, Hiedi, Dr. Ross and Katy, too! I broke my tooth; got an appointment and in two hours they fixed it. No pain and now I'm a "proper" queen. Thank you!

/ Billings, MT
So Thankful!

I was so thankful that you got me in and took care of my pain!

/ Billings, MT
Thank You All!

Front office and Diane are fantastic! Thank you all!

/ Billings, MT
No Need To Fear The Dentist Anymore!

Friendly. No pain. Make sure you are okay the whole way. No need to fear the dentist anymore.

/ Billings, MT
Wonderful Experience!

They were very quick, professional and nice. Wonderful Experience!

/ Billings, MT
Thanks, Michelle!

Michelle was so gentle. I arrived so afraid, but put me at ease. That girl deserves a raise! I never go to the dentist but I came today and no cavities. Thank you, Michelle!

/ Billings, MT
Offered me a same-day appointment!

Nice people and so friendly. They made everything so simple. They gave me options. They offered me a same-day appointment and everything went so fast and was so simple with painless extractions

/ Billingsl, MT
Great work!

The office employees are amazing as well as the back employees. Great work! Thank you!

/ Billings, MT
Great Service and Very Detailed!

Everyone was so nice and friendly and really made me feel comfortable. Great service and very detailed!!

/ Billings, MT
Your Staff is Amazing!

Your staff is amazing! Never have I felt this comfortable. Thank you, you guys rock!

/ Billings, MT
Very Efficient!

Very efficient and easy to get in. I called yesterday and got an appointment today! Thank you!

/ Billings, MT
Thank you!

Estela and Dr. Clark are a great team, they made it fun!

/ Billings, MT
My Experience

My experience here has been great every time. Everyone in the office is friendly and very helpful. I would highly recommend Brewer Dental to others.

Thank You!

Dr. Bullock and his assistant Stacy did an amazing job with my Lyric. He is normally very nervous and scared and they did an amazing job making him feel safe and comfortable in the chair and while getting his work done. Stacy did amazing work with Lyric before care, Lyric really liked her and that made him feel safe. Thank you!

/ Billings, MT
Great with my four-year old!

Great with my four-year-old! She hardly noticed they were doing work on her teeth. She was very comfortable and not scared at any point. Thank you, I was worried she wouldn't want to come back to the dentist

/ Billings, MT
Thank You for Everything!

I had a great experience! My concerns were heard and I was made comfortable. I would also like to thank everyone for making me feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you for everything!

/ Billings, MT
I felt very comfortable

Diane was very thorough and I felt very comfortable in her chair. She does a great job and we are lucky to have her on our team!

/ Billings, MT
This experience was so good and I have already made my six-month cleaning appointment!

The staff that worked on me were great. Cheyenne, Christie and Dr. Holloway a team that provided me with pain free root canal and a new tooth that is beautiful. Thanks to you three. I am 72 years young and have been fearful my entire life going to a dentist. This experience was so good and I have already made my six-month cleaning appointment! It's all because of my experience at Brewer Dental. Thank you again!

/ Billings, MT
There is nothing I could say negative about Michelle's experience!

There is nothing I could say negative about Michelle's experience. I was present during the procedure and both the Doctor and assistant were excellent and very professional!

/ Billings, MT
I had the greatest experience with Brewer Dental!

I had the greatest experience with Brewer Dental. This was the first time I've been there and went to get exam and crown done. I've been to a lot of different dentists offices and seen many different dentists and this by far is the best ever. Everyone there was fantastic. First off, my Dental Hygienist Lindsay was Fabulous. High energy, Loving and Genuine, giving me a sense that my presence mattered. I had a fun time plus she handled business like a BOSS. Thanks Lindsay. Brewer Dental: keeping her around would be beneficial for the company as a great asset. Next but not least is Celeste at the front desk. Over the top with care for my needs. She looked into the financing and did everything she could to find what best would fit my circumstances. She listened, walked me through my options and fully committed to persevere and create a result that worked for me. Thanks Celeste. Dr. Honaker assessed an evaluation and he was so personable. I could see the sincerity in his eyes. I could tell he was a man of integrity. He didn't perform the work but walked me through the options in a way easy to understand. It was pleasant and I can tell my needs mattered to him as well.Thanks, Dr. Honaker. Finally time for Dr. Ross and his assistant Maria. Dr. Ross was very careful, considerate and comfortable to be around. He paid attention to detail and delivered wonderful work. I want to thank you for your time, expertise, and patience, and i don't mean patients, but patience! Thanks a lot to all those that contribute to the company in such a way that delivers the undoubtedly productive and effective culture that is noticeably appreciated by me. Everyone at Brewer should thank yourself and each other for contributing your great assets to the Brewer Team, it shows. Thanks again!"

I have found my kids new dentist!

I have found my kids new dentist! My daughter came in to get her front teeth looked at to be pulled. The staff was very friendly and helpful. It turned out her tooth right next to the tooth in question was injured too. The dentist let me know that he could leave it and it could be fine or cause trouble down the road. I'm glad he gave me the choice. I decided to pull them both. Now I'm glad my daughter is going to be find and the dentist was very helpful!!

/ Billings, MT
A Wonderful Experience

I had a wonderful experience with Terra and Dr. Low

/ Billings, MT
Feel Comfortable

Brewer Dental is a great place to go to for braces. They are very good and make sure you are comfortable.

/ Billings, MT
I am very impressed!

I was very impressed with how thoroughly Dr. Bullock was when he was explaining everything. My kids are science nerds and thought he was cool.

/ Billings, MT
Everyone Goes Above & Beyond

I've just “discovered” Brewer Dental Center in the Heights - EVERYONE goes above and beyond in making sure from beginning to end, your experience is top notch and pleasant.

/ Billings, MT
I cannot say enough to show how great they are!

Dr. England and his staff are so professional! They were so kind and patient with my daughter and myself when dealing with an embarrassing and sensitive subject. I cannot say enough to show how great they are! They worked with us and our insurance provider to get it done right the first time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you

/ Billings, MT
The office is amazing!

They are ALWAYS nice!!! You will always feel at home here. Everyone is always smiling. They all have a rockin sense of humor. The office is amazing! NO COMPLAINTS!!!

/ Billings, MT
They Care About Your Smile!

Brewer Dental Center is my favorite-the best dental place in Billings. I think that because everyone here is very funny and nice. Also because they actually care about more than your smile!

/ Billings, MT
Dr. Bullock and Stacy were so patient and kind

We had a WONDERFUL experience at Brewer Dental! Everyone was so friendly and nice. Even when Kaedenze was being very difficult Dr. Bullock and Stacy were so patient and kind. I definitely recommend Brewer Dental!

/ Billings, MT
I do and will continue to recommend Brewer to everyone I know!

The Pediatric Center at Brewer Dental is amazing. From the moment we called to set up an appointment to when we checked out everyone was incredibly nice and answered every little question we had. The games, fish, and movies set my boys at ease and everyone went above and beyond to make them comfortable and happy. I do and will continue to recommend Brewer to everyone I know! Thank you!

/ Billings, MT
Keep up the good work Brewer Dental

I've had numerous bad experiences with dentistry in the past. From the minute my family walked into Brewer Dental, we knew this was going to be a different experience. We are so impressed with the professionalism, experience and genuine care Brewer Dental associates have for their patients. My kids, ages 11 and nine, love coming to the dentist now. I also have had the pleasure of being one of Dr. England's orthodontist patients. I am so grateful to have found such an amazing doctor who is compassionate and detail oriented. I am constantly referring Brewer Dental to friends and coworkers. (Thank you for the mug of flowers! =)) Keep up the good work Brewer Dental. You are setting the example for quality dental/ortho care in Billings!

/ Billings, MT
You guys are amazing. If I lived near Billings that's where I would go!

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me not have to spend my whole vacation without a tooth! Your office staff was so helpful when I called in a panic to make sure and get me in and taken care of. Then when I got there I got right in and Dr. Ross was so gracious and gave me several options, but we decided a 'quick' fix was the way to go so I could get back on the road! He didn't even charge for an exam! I'm big on customer service. I wish other offices could take lessons! You guys are amazing. If I lived near Billings that's where I would go! Thanks again for rescuing me =)

/ Billings, MT
I felt like I was talking to one of my friends

A+ service all around. Everyone was so nice, I felt right at home. I have already talked some other people into coming to see you. I really can't say enough about how great you all were. Brewer Dental Center will definitely be my dentist office from now on. I especially appreciate the staff helping me make my decisions, I felt like I was talking to one of my friends. They were honest and sincere. Dr. Draayer is amazing. It's really nice to have people that don't make you feel like a “job.” Even though you all are as busy as you are, you all made me feel like I was the only person that day. Kudos to you all, it really is a special place you have there. Thank you again!

/ Billings, MT
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