Dental Sealants for Children

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The surface of molars, the teeth in the back of your mouth, are covered in cusps and fissures. These fissures are deep pits in the teeth where bacteria and plaque can build up and lead to tooth decay. This plaque can be removed by brushing in many cases, but for people with deep fissures, plaque can be wedged so deep in the tooth surface that even brushing can’t reach it.

After your child’s dental exam, one of our dentists may recommend sealant treatment. Our sealants are made of restorative composites that plug up deep fissures and prevent them from retaining plaque.

What You Should Know About Sealants

Dental sealants are only intended for adult teeth—no point in putting them on teeth that will fall out. The American Dental Association recommends that children receive sealants as soon as the adult teeth appear, but not every child will need one. A physical exam from your child’s dentist can help you determine whether or not sealants are necessary for your child. If your child frequently gets molar cavities or does not keep up with their oral hygiene, sealants may the treatment they need.

Sealants usually last for ten years with proper maintenance. If your child has a sealant, it is important to keep up their regular dental appointments to ensure the sealant is in good condition.

Contact Us to Learn More

Sealants are virtually invisible, and most people quickly forget they are even there. If you believe your child could benefit from sealants, contact us today for an examination. If sealants are a good idea for your child, we will schedule the simple procedure at your earliest convenience.

We offer same-day appointments, so call (406) 412-6365 to schedule a dental examination for your child.

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