Emese Tokos, DDS

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    Dr. Emese Tokos is passionate about helping people overcome their fear of the dentist—something she understands firsthand. She recognizes that there are limitations to the amount of dentistry that has been available to some patients. Due to lack of proper preventive oral health care in socialist Romania, Dr. Tokos had recurrent abscesses and had a premature extraction of a primary molar. After moving to the US at age six, some of her most vivid memories involve the dentist. Due to the negative connection she had between her mouth and dentistry, going to her first dental appointment in the US was not exciting. However, the caring nature of her dentist and friendly faces at his dental practice eased the fact that she had 17 cavities in her 20 primary teeth.

    The praise she received each time she returned with healthy teeth, and the joy of having a beautiful smile, made a huge impact on her desire to become a dentist. Her goal has always been to help others understand the importance of dental health and its connection with ones systemic health. Dr. Tokos firmly believes that “the mouth is the gateway to the overall health of the body.” She is excited to be able to educate, help prevent, and eliminate fear of the dental field so that our community can have excellent oral health.

    Dr. Tokos is Hungarian, originally from Transylvania, Romania. She first moved to the USA with only her mother and two suitcases when she was six years old. She was educated in North Texas, graduating as Valedictorian with an International Baccalaureate Diploma from Hirschi Magnet High School in 2005. Due to her accomplishments, she received free tuition to Midwestern State University where she started the pre-dental program.

    After her first year at MSU, Dr. Tokos decided she wanted to learn more about her Hungarian heritage and moved to Budapest, Hungary to attend Semmelweis University Dental School. She practiced for a very short time in Budapest before moving to the United States to get her American Dental License. After graduating at CUSDM, she worked part time as an on-call dentist in Summit County Colorado until finding a full-time associate position in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. She worked in Colorado until joining Brewer Dental Center.

    Dr. Tokos feels very strongly about the importance of continuing education as the field of dentistry continues to evolve so rapidly with new technology and techniques. Since graduating, she continues to learn in order to provide her patients with the most modern and best care to help achieve a healthy and esthetic smile. Research and continuing education in order to advance her knowledge and help solve current health related issues has always been of interest to her.

    Dr. Tokos is a member of the:

    • American Dental Association
    • Academy of General Dentistry
    • Colorado Dental Association
    • Denver Metro Dental Society
    • Montana Dental Association

    The importance of applying oneself outside of scholastic requirements led to Dr. Tokos’ involvement in extracurricular activities as well as community service projects. While in Budapest, she was very involved in the student leadership. As the Chairwoman of the International Student Association of Semmelweis (ISAS), she was able to help integrate the Hungarian and Foreign students studying abroad. She was also a member of the Student Senate and a student representative for all of Hungary’s Universities Senate of Directors. During her time at CUSDM, she was also a member of the Student Senate, the Women’s Dental Association, ASDA, and other organizations. Since starting to practice, Dr. Tokos has been passionate about giving back to the community by volunteering her time at community health fairs and teaching children about proper oral hygiene.

    Dr. Tokos is married to her husband Casey, and they have one miniature shorthaired Dachshund named Rover, who is essentially their child. They are very excited to be joining the Billings community and hope to be able to start a (fur-free) family in the future.

    When she is not working, you will find Dr. Tokos exploring new places, reading books, trying to learn how to dance, and enjoying all the little things in life. She also loves to travel the world and experience different cultures.

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