Billings All-on-4

New Teeth in a Day!

You no longer have to struggle with a loose denture or deal with the discomfort and embarrassment that can often come with prolonged wear. With our All-On-4, getting a new smile has never been easier.

Previously, dental implant procedures could take months to complete the process from extraction of the tooth to placement of the crown. Through the use of 3D image scanning and fully-guided dental implant procedures, your dental implant placement is quick and virtually painless. At Brewer Dental, we have a commitment to service and quality. We are one of the only dentists in the Billings area that performs fully-guided dental implant surgeries, meaning we plan every aspect of your surgery beforehand, ensuring the optimal implant placement and bettering your success.

The All-On-4 dental implant method can be used to replace a full or partial bridge in just one visit to the office. With this process, we use 4 to 6 dental implants to fix a full bridge into the mouth. Depending on your case, we may suggest more than 4 dental implants to improve your success rate.

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