Dental assistants play a crucial role in making sure a dentist’s office runs smoothly. With many different responsibilities to perform every day, dental assistants are a critical part of a dental practice’s team. These dedicated professionals are often the first to greet a client as they step into the dental office.

But what does the rest of a dental assistant’s day look like?

After dental assistant training, you will typically start your day at the office early, before the very first patient arrives. This gives you time to prepare for the busy day ahead. You might start by getting all the necessary equipment and instruments ready. You would head to the sanitation room where all instruments are sterilized, and take any instruments out of the instrument washer or ultrasonic cleaner. You would then place those instruments on trays, and bring them to each patient room or operatory for the dentist and/or hygienist to use.

As the first patients begin to arrive, you’ll greet each client and set them up in the dental chair. By settling them in and making them as comfortable as possible, you’ll help to put each patient at ease as they begin their appointment. You will ask them specific questions about their dental habits and how they have been feeling. Depending what state you are employed, you may perform duties such as x-rays so that when the dentist arrives they have everything they need to get to work.

Once the dentist arrives to see the patient you will assist them to help ensure that the appointment runs smoothly and you stay on time. The dentist you’re working with will likely be seeing multiple patients at once in different rooms, so your assistant helps the dentist make the most out of the time they spend with each patient.

Throughout your dental assistant career, you’ll also be responsible for keeping premises and instruments clean and sterilized. After each patient has finished their appointment, you’ll help them out of the dental chair, and then gather up the dirty tools used by the dentist or hygienist. You’ll bring these tools down to the sanitation room to be cleaned and sanitized. Then, you will prepare the operatory for the next patient by wiping down the area and readjusting the necessary instruments and equipment. These important steps are vital to preventing cross-contamination, and, as a dental assistant, you’ll complete them for every patient you have that day.

As the last patient leaves, you’ll end the day by cleaning up the workspaces, attending to the x-ray machine and developers, sterilizing instruments, and performing other closing duties.

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