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Tooth Fairy Pillow Pet Kit

Make your own tooth fairy pillow pet!

Loose tooth? You already know about the tooth fairy. But did you know she has a pet she takes with her everywhere? His name is Douglas. That's him over there. (Hi!)

Douglas loves meeting other little pets just like him.

Download your free Tooth Fairy Pillow Pet Kit

Tooth Fairy Kit web preview

You can make your own pillow pet. So when your tooth falls out, it's got a fuzzy friend to cuddle with until the tooth fairy arrives.

Download your tooth fairy pillow pet kit. It's a fun, easy project for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Inside you'll meet Douglas, read his story, and find these goodies:

  • Instructions on how to create your own tooth fairy pillow pet
  • A goodbye letter to your tooth, in case you’re sleeping when the tooth fairy comes
  • Instructions to the tooth fairy on your tooth’s special care and handling
  • Instructions on how to identify the tooth fairy in the morning

Douglas and tooth friend

Download Your Tooth Fairy Kit:

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